International Rights

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Irish students among best in OECD for literacy
PISA Maths scores above OECD average

What is DWP?

DWP produces Primary Education Textbooks for the Irish and International Market. The company has unparalleled expertise in editing, writing and graphic design. DWP owns the international rights to all textbooks on this site.



Click the icon to download a PDF catalogue of all DWP titles.

Who is DWP?

DWP owner and director, Deirdre Whelan, was a primary teacher for ten years. She then joined Folens Educational Publishers and became their primary publishing director. She started DWP in 2010.

What rights are DWP selling?

We are currently selling rights in: English, Maths, Phonics, Handwriting and Early Years books.

What makes DWP books attractive to foreign buyers?

  • The high quality content of DWP books is clear, concise and obvious.
  • DWP books easily transfer to other educational systems
  • The Irish Primary Education system produces scores in Maths and Literacy that are among the best in the OECD Decisive and agile decision making

How do I buy rights from DWP?

  1. Decide on which books you’re interested in. Contact Deirdre Whelan @ DWP. You’ll be sent low resolution PDF files of the books.
  2. Assess the books with your editors and teachers. Contact Deirdre and conclude a deal on a royalty.
  3. You’ll be sent the high resolution files for you to print locally.